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Lego Spaceman by wraamyth
Lego Spaceman

Living the dream! Who doesn’t love Lego? For Halloween this year Max was transformed into a giant Lego spaceman. This pose was his idea. This photograph is one of my most favorite pictures I have ever taken. With the lighting and color tone, it reminds me of the 1980’s advertisements for LEGO building blocks. I think it’s fitting to see the word “Build” at the top while a LEGO mini figure is admiring a small lego Cat. 

Creative Commons license :D If you would like to put him in Outerspace or other Lego and/or Space related situations, feel free to and drop me a line so we can check it out. ^_^

Ray built the whole costume himself over the course of a month. From the painting of the body and stenciling, to crafting the helmet and iconic space man mini figure face.  

Some of the Materials used: Bondo, Cardboard, Styrofoam, Expanding Foam, and lots of paint!

September 27, 2015: Lunar Eclipse by wraamyth
September 27, 2015: Lunar Eclipse
We had an excellent view of the beginning of the last Lunar Eclipse in the Lunar Tetrad here in the Far Northwest suburbs in IL. Unfortunately clouds started to roll in after 8:30. Fortunately with use of a tripod and a shutter release cable I was able to get a few nice shots. This photograph is not cropped. The full res RAW (not uploaded) is 5760x3840. 

Camera: Canon Eos 5D Mark III
Lens: Sigma 150-600mm (Sport)
ISO: 400
shutter speed: 3.2 s
Lighting Storm by wraamyth
Lighting Storm
July 13, 2015 - Massive storm with lots of lightning. The system may have spawned tornados. This was taken after a few minutes after one of the sirens had stopped and it was clear.
Sailor Scout of Destruction by wraamyth
Sailor Scout of Destruction
"They call me the Sailor Scout of Destruction, only because I possess powers that could destroy a planet. They fear me. "

Character: Sailor Saturn (Stars version)
Anime: Sailor Moon
ACParadise Costume Page (Mom):

First Debut: Anime Central 2015

Mia has been a huge Sailor Moon fan since day one. Her favorite senshi is Sailor Saturn simply because "She's Awesome."  This is her second time dressing up as the petite harbinger of doom, her first being in kindergarten. To date this is her 4th Sailor Moon related costume.

The leotard was constructed using heavily altered child's figure skating pattern. It was painfully pieced together to allow for the upper bodice line shown on the Sailor Senshi leotards. The outer portion is made of white dance performance lycra. The inner lining is made of white stretch knit cotton. It snaps at the bottom. 

The Collar, Skirt and glove bands are all constructed from a 1.5 yard piece of vintage purple fabric from an estate sale. I am unsure of the material type. It is several times thicker than the casa satin. The skirt had to be ironed (polyester steam setting w/press cloth) several times to get the pleats shown. Pattern for the skirt is an altered version of the one shown in Cosmode. The center back pleats were merged into one and some of the pleats were made wider to accommodate more fabric. The white line on the collar is made of double face ribbon and the collar is lined with a semi-stiff interfacing. The glove cuffs/bands have pipe insulation on the inside to help keep down bulk and give that rounded look. 

Boots - Base shoe is a pump. Ray used grey upholstery vinyl to construct the boot. It was then painted with several layers of metallic purple acrylic paint. They are fully functional. :D

Staff - That is the same staff that was made for her years ago. Broom/mop handle, cardboard, bondo were all used in the construction.

Hair - Started off life as a long black wig. I cut off about 12 or so inches. Bangs were trimmed and it was then styled intoa page-boy cut.



United States
Current Residence: IL
Print preference: 11 x 14
Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Black and White Photography
Operating System: WinXP 64
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( Last Update: Jan 2016 )

Hi ^_^ I've been receiving quite a few messages and comments about Plushie Commissions.  
The answer to that is yes.

Fan Characters and Otaku Senshi are welcome ^_^

I. Plushie Background information:

I will need the following info:

1) Desired Size
2) Front, back, side views of the character in question (the more views the better)
3) Whether or not you want the outfit to be removable.  Certain items (for example Cosmos' hair clips and odango shields) are not removable. Please keep in mind that removable outfits increase the overall cost.
4) Level of detail desired in your plush.
5) Hair type
  -Traditional plushie style w/ matte materials
  -"pillowed" shiny materials akin to the Seiya and Amithy plushies.
  - Faux Fur
6) If there is a specific look that you'd like your plushie's face to have, please tell me. I'll do my best to create it. I believe in having a plushie with personality. :)

II. Plushie Creation:

Base prices on standard human/humanoid plush:
Please note that the more details/complex the design is, the more it will be.
The face, body, and hair of these plushies are not made out of felt. :)
Some of the examples used below do use felt. If you wish to lower the over-all cost of your plush, felt is an option.

These prices do not include your plushie's airfare (shipping).

Mini dolls: $40
Ex: Tiniest Shichiseishi height/dimensions not including the hair height The tiniest Shichiseishi

7" (standard plush size): $100
Ex: Sailor Cosmos height/dimensions…

10" (standard plush size with longer limbs): $120

15" : $150
Ex1: Amithy height/dimensions… Ex2: Nude Elf plush:…

19" : $170
Ex: Seiya height/dimensions…

If you would like the clothing to be removable, that is available at an extra cost. I reserve the right to change my prices at any time. This will not effect you if you have already placed and had your order accepted. 

If you are on a budget, there are a number of things that can be done.
Option include:
  1. Scale back the details. Less details means less cost in materials and time.
  2. Choosing a smaller size. Good things come in small packages.
  3. Payment plans. Before we start on your plushie, we can agree on a payment plan that would spread out the cost over a longer time frame.
  4. For 15" or 19" size plushies we can substitute felt for the face and/or body. It is easier on the wallet.

III. General Information

Materials for these plushies are not cheap. For example, the fabric I like to use for the face/skin is a nice one that doesn't fray easily, nor show the after effects of cuddling with said plushie for extended periods of time. You can hug Seiya all you want without fearing one day that he will develope a rather odd case of 12 o'clock shadow. :D

The fabric used for skin does cost $34/yard on average. The fabrics I use for clothing and hair can run an average of $4-$9 a yard. Ink/paint/fabric markers are also factors into this.  By the time everything is gathered together, an average of $50 or more dollars has been spent on materials. This does not include the time it takes to sew the plushie together, pattern drafting, the time spent designing the eyes, nor any hand painting that might need to be done.

I am a bit of a perfectionist when I create plushies and other items. As such, it will take a while to breath life into your plushie. The Sailor Cosmos plushie that I most recently made took several hours designing the eyes alone. The details on the skirt were completed over a couple days, and the handpainted areas took hours of work. Needless to say, I like to pay proper attention to the details. As such, this means that your plushie is made to the best of my abilities and made to last.

These plushies are not intended to be adopted by younger folk.  While my 10 year old has happily played with a Princess Kakyuu plushie she has had for several years, it is not guarenteed to stand up to the love little children give to their plushies.  Nor have the materials used in their production been tested per the new US laws. As such, please consider having the new parent be at least 13 years or older.

IV. Materials Used
For the curious...

Some of the materials I will use in the creation of your plushie may include but are not limited to:
Butter Suede, Alova Suede, Suede Cloth, Suede, Robe Velour, Trigger (good for uniforms), Cotton (removable clothing), Satin-backed Crepe, Velvet, Crushed Panne, Furry Fleece, Faux Fur (hair option), Blizzard Fleece, Velboa, Flannel, Upholstery Vinyl, Pleather, Leather, Acrylic Jewels, ect...

V. Payment

Before work begins on your plush, I require a non-refundable deposit. This will be roughly half the cost of your plush and will account for most of the cost for materials used. This also secures your place on my plushie list. The deposit will be counted towards the final price of your plush. If you decide for any reason you can not or do not want your commissioned plush anymore, this will not be refunded to you. As stated, this is strickly the materials cost. There have been times in the past where I have not requested a deposit, and have been left having spent a good chunk of change on materials.

Once the plushie is completed, full payment of the remaining balance will be required within 3 weeks (ample time for paychecks to be deposited) unless other arrangements have been made previously.  If you are unable to do this for whatever reason, please contact me so that we made work something out. Otherwise, if I have no contact from you or complete payment has not been made, then the plushie will be up for adoption after 4weeks since date of completion. You will then lose your initial deposit. 4 weeks is based upon the 3 week initial payment time and an additional 1 week grace period window.

Payment plans are available. We must agree on a payment plan by the time your deposit is made. If something comes up after your initial deposit has been made and you need to consider a payment plan, please contact me and I will try to work with you. :)

Acceptable forms of payment are:
Paypal, Postal Money Orders, and International Postal Money Orders

VI. Shipping

Your newly adopted plushie is available for adoption and shipping to any part of the world that USPS delivers to. This includes Military addresses :)

Each plushie will travel with insurance and Delivery Confirmation or other form of tracking. Places such as Mexico, Central and Latin America require to have the plushie sent via Registered mail for your own protection. I have sent quite a few things to Mexico over the course of my life, and registered mail always seems to make it safe and sound.  Your plushie will be shipped out after full payment has been made and it's travel accommodations have been settled.

In the odd case that you live within close proximity to me, or we are attending the same anime convention (coughACENcough) we can arrange pick up ahead of time :D

I have over 15 years worth of feedback on my ebay account:…

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